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Steve Patterson

The title of Steve Patterson's first comedy album This Is Not Debatable is a reference to his being host of the hit CBC radio show The Debaters where two comics confront each other on a silly issue. Whether or not you will enjoy this album is something I debated for about two weeks. Overall this is a solid album but …. The CD or MP3 is available through Patterson's website or the Comedy Records website.Patterson has great biographical material like ... More

THe Kroll Show Seasons 1 and 2

Kroll Show is a Comedy Central sketch comedy show. Many such shows are more hit than miss but the majority of the sketches here are funny. This is because Nick Kroll is very good actor and comic and he has a solid supporting cast and writers. It helps that few of the sketches here overstay their welcome. This is a 3 DVD 19 episode set.The first episode of season one and the second and fifth of season two feature Wheels, ... More

Stand-Up Revolution Season 3

Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy is back with a third season of Stand Up Revolution. On each of the 6 episodes the comic introduces two up and coming comics to the audience. Each show closes with a Hey, It's Fluffy cartoon. It makes for a fun viewing experience even if the comics are quite uneven. I do find it a little odd that the 6-minute cartoons are slightly longer than a comic's set.Season 3 features Kabir Singh, Lance Patrick, Mark Viera, ... More

Atheist Christmas

Keith Lowell Jensen delivers an excellent comedy CD and DVD set with Atheist Christmas. The audience friendly comic has some very funny and original biographical bits that bear repeated listenings. For example, I'd heard the story about his daughter on a 420 release and it is still a personal fave on this album. Amazon lists some of these tracks as explicit but they are very mildly so. MP3 at AmazonAs the title suggests, Jensen is an atheist but this atheist ... More

Don t Shake A Baby

There have been a hell of a lot of comedy MP3 albums released recently. Don't Shake A Baby by Spencer James stands out from the rest. James is a young biographical comic who has a odd take on familiar topics like dating and girlfriends, sex, and things he did when he was younger. This is a very good album if you are someone in your twenties or early thirties and a good album if you are older.Spencer also has a ... More


Bangs is an enjoyable stand-up comedy album by Ophira Eisenberg, a Canadian now living in New York City. She does self-deprecating biographical material in very short bits and her instant likeability  makes her stories easy to connect with.  Eisenberg is also known as the host of NPR's trivia and musoc show Ask Me Another.The first third of the album is very NYC centric. The bits are funny though there are a couple of very local references most will not get ... More

Drunk History Seasons 1 and 2

Drunk History will be back for a third season in 2015. That is good news for fans of this Comedy Central show where inebriated semi-celebrities tell their version of an American Historical moment while sometimes A-list actors act out and lip synch the story. There is nothing else like this show on TV, cable or otherwise. This DVD comedy set features the 8 season one episodes and the 10 season two shows on two discs.Most episodes center on events that ... More

MInd of the Quiet Dude

Although very enjoyable, Mind of the Quiet Dude would be best enjoyed as a video. The two biggest and longest laughs in comic Jay Phillips' performance come from jokes that obviously have some physical or visual support. Since that is not possible, the MP3 album version has to do.Phillips is a biographical comic. He opens with mainstream stuff about pot and hotel cable. The bit on cops is better. It is followed by a few routines about being a parent ... More

Viral Inflection

Not being a big fan of skit and music comedy, I approached Viral Inflections by Chris Killian with some reservation. I should not have. Killian is both a talented musician and comic, making Viral Inflections a very entertaining comedy mp3 album.The basic structure of Viral Inflection is song followed by skit. The skits are quite fun. Batmans' New Helper, Day at the Beach, and Christian Potluck are very funny. I can't decide if Potluck or Beach is my favorite. The ... More


Americans have Def Comedy, Canada has deaf comedy thanks to DJ Demers. On this EP, the comic introduces his kind of biographical material. This eleven minute calling card performance only makes you want Demers to release something more complete as soon as possible.Demers was born deaf and this is at the center of this show. He talks about having hearing aids, how life might be without them, and how life is with friends and other people. He does have a ... More

All Over the Map

Jeff Dunham All Over the Map follows the famed ventriloquist on a world tour. Each segment of the show usually has a bit of local colour, a bit of the act, and an ask Achmed a question closer. It makes for a very entertaining if formulaic show. Viewers have the option of the uncensored or bleeped version of the performances.  At the end of this show, Dunham shows he has balls when he does something daring during the Malaysian show.Dunham ... More

Hot in Cleveland Season 5

Season 5 of Hot In Cleveland will best be remembered for the live and the animated episodes. The season itself is still pretty solid though there are a couple more weak episodes than in the past. The story ideas are getting a bit thin. One episode even has Rob Schneider, the modern Ted McGinley. This sitcom DVD set features 24 episodes on 3 discs.The season opens with Victoria's husband having escaped prison and missing. Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!) is the ... More