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Nonsense is an odd and very entertaining comedy album. Andrew Mayer's style is more essayist and raconteur than standard stand-up comic and it works for him. It also works for the audience as his laidback, sometimes hesitant style works with his material. Nonsense is a good comedy album that makes me look forward to what's next from MayerThe album opens with, of all things, bits about bears. Now, that is unusual. I wish Mayer had done a bit more about ... More

Pig Woman

Few comedy albums make me wish I had been there for the recording. I really, really wish I had attended the taping of Mary Mack Pig Woman. This album is an absolute hoot. There is something really goofy and endearing about this comic that makes her material that much funnier. If you liked the characters in Fargo, you are going to like Mary Mack.Mack does biographical and some observational material.  She almost immediately gets audience members involved in the show ... More

I Love You, Now Shut Up

I Love You, Now Shut Up is 99% relationship material. Normally this would put off quite a few comedy fans who, like me, are rather tired of the genre. Tommy Blaze's set is simply brilliant. I have listened to this comedy album a few times for the review and am yet to be tired of it.The highlight here is the 22-minute Men's Movies and Chick Flicks. The entire track is excellent but the James Bond part of it is one ... More

Benders - Thursdays 10:00 IFC - Premieres Oct 1st 2015

Benders is a new IFC sitcom which airs Thurdays at 10 on IFC. This comedy is about four guys who play in a division 8 amateur hockey league. This show is original and fun to watch so I am hoping IFC will extend it past its first 8 episode order.The four main characters in Benders are your basic blue collar joes. The main character, according to the preview episodes I was given access to, is Paul (Chris Destefano) who is ... More

An Evening With Joe DeVito

A First Date With Joe DeVito makes for a fine evening indeed. DeVito is funny, interesting, and personable. His focus on material about being forty something, being single, and relationships will please a wide audience. Though these topics are run of the mill comedy fodder, this stand-up makes what he has to say sound fresh. He will also occasionally surprise even the most veteran comedy fan like myself.This comedy CD opens with “Let's Get To Know Me” which serves as ... More

The Goldbergs The Complete Second Seasxon

The Goldbergs is pretty much the 80s version of The Wonder Years. The biggest difference is though the story is told by the youngest sibling, the main character is the older brother. More emphasis is also put on the mother (played by Wendi McLendon-Covey). It is, on the whole, a very enjoyable situation comedy. The Goldbergs Season 2 features 24 episodes on 3 DVD plus more extra features than most such sets.The highlight of The Goldbergs season 2 is Barry ... More

Ginger Kid

Steve Hofstetter 2015 release Ginger Kid is solid, solid stuff. True, I have a preference for long form stand-up and this MP3 album or video features two such routines. The first is on the TSA and the second is on being red-headed aka a ginger.The TSA is not the most original topic for comedy. Hofstetter hits some of the usual nails for that topic but he is, most of the time, original, such as when it was decided snow globes ... More

I Love Pussy

Though there are a couple of excellent and very funny bits on Eddie Ifft's I Love Pussy, the rest of this comedy album features the kind of material only an opening act would get away with. Unless you are a fan, this one is a pass.The two strong  routines here are the one on the female conspiracy to take over the world “Misogynistic” and the one on how Moses came up with the ten commandments. True, I have heard other ... More

I Am Chris Farley - The Movie Network Sept 7 at 9 pm

I Am Chris Farley is a very good biomentary about the late Saturday Night Live star. It features interviews with a who's who of SNL including Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, David Spade, and Lorne Michaels to name a few. It also has interviews with various members of the Farley clan. It is perhaps more interesting if you are a Chris Farley fan but even if not, it is a well made documentary. I Am Chris Farley premieres on The Movie ... More

The Jeff Foxworthy Show - Complete Series

The Jeff Foxworthy Show DVD set should be labeled as The Jeff Foxworthy Shows as season 1 and season 2 feature two totally different shows with different casts. This situation comedy was uneven no matter how hard the star tried to make it work but there were quite a few very good shows. If you are a fan of Blue Collar Comedy and such, this 4 disc 41 episodes DVD set makes for entertaining, family friendly watchingSeason one, which aired ... More

Back to the Drawing Board

Lisa Lampanelli's 2015 release Back to the Drawing Board is decent. The show features the usual insult comedy towards various ethnic members of the audience and some  self-deprecating biographical material. This is also the case for every one of Lampanelli's previous releases and there's the rub. Comics develop a persona and pretty much stick to it, that I understand. However, there is supposed to be some kind of evolution over the years so though the style may be the same, ... More

Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is one of the all-time most beloved shows, captivating millions for 25 years, and with 26 series’ and 565 episodes under its belt, it is better than ever. Everybody has their favourite classic Simpsons episodes, but which have we picked as the top 5? Check out our choices below.Who Shot Mr Burns? - 1995Technically this classic was a two-parter, marking the last episode of series 6 and the first of series7, but it has to rank as one ... More