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South Park 20
A Great Season
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Depression, cannibalism, Hitler fatigue, a rant on the expression drinking the Kool-Aid, a story about getting a colonoscopy, dead relatives, running over a kid, and a very bizarre tale about a rock show gone totally wrong: that's what I call one hell of a good comedy MP3 album. There is also more to Derek Sheen's Disasturbation than these tracks but the ones listed here really stand out.The Shiva-like cover for Disasturbation not only shows how Sheen touches on many subjects ... More

I Like You

I Like You is what any audience member will tell Josh Johnson after his set. In a stand-up environment where the norm seems to be agressive and loud comics, Johnson's low-key conversational approach is a welcome respite. His mainly focuses on his shortcomings and misadventures and his take on those only makes you like him more and find his adventures that much funnier.Johnson is, as he tells in one of his routines, a former Tonight Show writer who failed a ... More

Naked and Amused

Naked and Amused by Dan Frigolette is a solid comedy mp3 album that unfortunately suffers from questionable sound quality. This takes away from the overall experience. This is a raunchy show for a raunchy (and shrill sounding) crowd that is great fun from beginnning to end.Frigolette is a very good comic who handles the rather boisterous crowd with finesse. The highlights of Naked and Amused are a bit on signs for stupid people and various state DWI campaigns and one ... More

The Nicest Boy in Barcelona

There is no way you are not going to looooove The Nicest Boy in Barcelona and comic Danny Lobell. There is also no way you can get rid of the earworm Lobell plants in his Costco bit. This is a highly enjoyable, good natured, just plain fun to listen to comedy CD or MP3 album. I highly recommend it and more.Lobell's forte is biographical material related to pranks he pulled or were pulled on him. The opening track is about ... More

Generation Gap

Matt Falk Generation Gap is an excellent comedy CD and he works clean. Falk may not be most original in his choice of topics but since he can make even an old canard like a bit about going to Ikea funny and original it does not really matter. What also helps is he is very easy to like so the audience is more than willing to go along with whatever story Falk tells. This is a comic you can bring ... More

Amazing! (Probably)

Amazing! (Probably) by Sid Singh is amazing no doubt. Singh is a very easy to like comic whose biographical material connects to just about any audience you can think of.There are no weak tracks on this comedy album. Singh opens with a rules for the show bit where he lowers audience expectations for some reason but immediately moves to a solid and original bit on how your high school reunion is much like Facebook and how there is no possible ... More

Alive On State

Steve Gillespie Alive On State is a very varied and funny album. There is something for every stand-up album and you could also say there is a version of Steve Gillespie  for very audience member. This comedy album figures so many genres it kept me off balance for a while but it was worth the plunge. This stand-up is for a quote mature audience unquote aka people with a decent sense of humor.Gillespie begins with a vain bit about his ... More

South Park The Complete 20th Season

Season 20 of South Park shows it is possible for a show to get even edgier and more relevant. Season 19 of this Comedy Central classic broke new ground by having all 10 episodes form a single narrative thread with attacks on political correctness and the insidiousness of advertising. This time around, Trey Parker et al are dead on with their take on the 2016 election between Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich, trolling, the dangers of nostalgia, as well as ... More

The Vowel Diet

The Vowel Diet is the third Dan Gabriel comedy album I have had the pleasure to listen to. Gabriel is out to entertain his audience and he is very good at it. This means there is nothing political or controversial on this MP3 album but Gabriel does an eye for some pretty accurate social commentary when he feels like it such as when he discusses the disappearance of some old fashionned common names.The biggest difference between early albums and this ... More

And I Am Not Lying

And I Am Not Lying is the perfect title for Jeff Simmermon's comedy album. The tales are so tall you really do wonder. The stories Simmermon tells here are also funny, weird, and original. Although it is not quite stand-up comedy, more on that later, this album is a keeper.Simmermon's UCB Theater roots show in how he narrates his material. And I Am Not Lying features few if any stand-up structures as Simmermon relies more on the narrative quality of ... More

Once Is Enough

If like me you are a fan of long-form humorous storytelling you are going to appreciate Once Is Enough by Jeffrey James Binney.  If Binney appeared on Oprah is story would be labelled as inspirational and other sentimental pap. Here, MP3 albums and CDs are judged on the material and the comic's ability to deliver it. James Binney Once Is Enough is half straightforward stand-up and half biographical narrative with humorous moments; the mix is just right, making this a ... More

Drunk History Season 4

Drunk History is a TV show where a drunk neverheardof'em celebrity tells the story of an important historical moment or  person. This reality show is, believe it or not, quite educational and a lot of fun. Fun because the presentation of each historical moment is on the goofy side but also because you can play “spot the real celebrity” since a lot of name actors like Kevin Pollack show up in small roles. Drunk History Season 4 features 6 shows ... More

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