Tim Slagle is a comic I have learned you can depend on for a solid stand-up comedy download and show. Though recorded around 2015 and showing its age a bit in a couple of topical references, the fact Bachelorette Party is being released in 2023 takes little away from the quality and humor on this album.

Tim Slagle Bachelorette Party opens with a couple of tracks on evolution where the comic explains why beer bellied guys are the true dominant species.

My favorite tracks on this comedy album are the connected Student Loans and Art School. Slagle is quite right on how useful an Art or Gender Studies degree are and I liked what else he had to say on the topic.

Other topics on this stand-up comedy download include the best time to weigh yourself in the morning, whether the moon landing happened and why it must have. There is also a great story about taking the subway and dealing with hipsters.

The most thought provoking bit on this Tim Slagle album is the one on what would it be like if you could delete the useless information that floats around in your brain. I found it fun that the audience pulled a quick one on the comic with the Oscar Meyer song. Slagle also offers a trick to get American English service on help lines.

Something rare in the comedy world is Tim Slagle takes on a bachelorette party and not only do things not get out of hand but he has the party onside from the first second. This makes for a very good routine. I appreciated Slagle’s reveal for why some bachelorette parties are in June and others in October. Because the stand-up comic is able to tie-in bachelor parties, you get an excellent long-form routine on the topic that makes for a solid closer to this comedy album. For some reason though, I get the feeling these are bonus tracks, not that it matters and I am probably wrong.

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Bachelorette Party
Tim Slagle
Stand up comedy download at Amazon
Stand Up! Records 2023

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