Greg Behrendt is a stand-up comic who one day was asked to be part of the Sex and the City writer`s room because they needed a token heterosexual. He told someone “He’s just not that into you”, the line was used on the show, Behrendt wrote a book using the line, and he unwillingly became relationship expert. He wrote another relationship book but his real love was stand up comedy.

Unfortunately, Greg Behrendt had a few demons which lead to depression which lead to substance abuse and then things got even worse, including cancer, before they got somewhat better. This is pretty much what his biography See You on the Way Down, Catch You on the Way Up is about.

As biographies go, this one’s an easy, entertaining read. Behrendt knows how to write and avoids all “woe is me” moments, preferring to be honest about what happened and his responsibilities in that.

If you read biographies for life lessons of some kind, See You on the Way Down, Catch You on the Way Up is not for you. Unlike the books he is most famous for, the stand-up comic is not out to preach some kind of message or provide some kind of solution to what may ail the reader aside from get professional help asap.

Behrendt just tells his story and the reader willingly goes along for the ride because he makes it interesting.

See You on the Way Down, Catch You on the Way Up will not change anybody’s life but it makes for a good read and that is good enough for me.

See You on the Way Down, Catch You on the Way Up
Greg Behrendt
Everand 2024

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