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Funny Books - Jeffrey Gurian - Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive - Joke Book


Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive
Jeffrey L. Gurian
Citadel Press / Kensington Publishing 2007
180 pages sort of.

When it comes to dirty jokes you might have heard it all but you certainly have not read it all until you've laid your hands on Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive a collection of "Jokes so dirty comedians and entertainers only tell them to each other" by Jeffrey Gurian. You should, of course, wash your hands after handling Filthy, Funny and Totally Offensive. I am surprised the book does not come with a little bottle, make that a family size bottle, of hand sanitizer.

This collection of dirty jokes was put together by Jeffrey Gurian, an eminence grise when it comes to writing material for comics. This gave him the opportunity to talk to a who's who of the comedy world and who's who? of other worlds and get about 400 -I didn't count them but close enough-- of the filthiest jokes ever told by some 350 different people.

It is no accident the cover of Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive features a bathroom wall and roll of toilet paper: I can think of no other place on earth where reading this anthology of dirty jokes would be appropriate. Not that there is a lot of toilet humor here but you certainly want to keep the water running while you read this book. There is also the fact you might piss yourself.

Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive features dirty jokes by and about many well-known dirty comics like Lisa Lampanelli, Jackie "the Jokeman" Martling, Gilbert Gottfried, as well as nasty jokes by a whole bunch of other comics you would be surprised to hear utter such words like Drew Carey and John Pinette.  Also included are people Gurian has run into in various spheres of the entertainment world who also had a nasty joke to share.

My one reservation about Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive by Jeffrey Gurian is the book is only 180 pages thick and fifty of those are for biographies of people included in the book.

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