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Articles - Business Johnson

Business Johnson
Alonzo Bodden, Rodney Perry, Larry B. Scott
Jerod Nixon, Reggie de Morton, Adolphus Ward
Directed by Casper Frank & Talia Raine
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The Business Johnson DVD I received this week thanks to directors Casper Frank and Talia Raine is a strange little creature. It is a 7 minute short film that seems to be a sampler for bigger things to come. I sincerely hope Business Johnson gets picked up and fleshed out into a sitcom or half hour comedy show. From what I have seen it would be the most original and funniest thing on cable TV in a long, long time.

Business Johnson is basically six funny Black men sitting on a porch and telling stories or jokes in story form. What makes this short film (or whatever) work for me is its simplicity: one of the guys tells the joke and the others chime in or slam one of the other guys for saying something stupid. I have no idea how this would work in a half hour format but I can definitely see this working: seven minute joke, commercial, seven minute joke, commercial, and so on. I also imagine the guys on the porch would try to top each other when it comes to the outrageous and funny story they tell so this could be really interesting in a playing the dozens kind of way. What would also work for Business Johnson in long form is the cast covers three generation so there is bound to be a variety of material there. I hope Alonzo Bodden gets to do more next time around. Bodden is a great comic.

Cast wise, it is solid though this comment is basically based on names more than on the seven minute short film I saw though the performances in that short are great. You can't ever go wrong with Alonzo Bodden, a stand-up comic I especially like, and the cast also includes Rodney Perry of Johnson Family Vacation fame, Larry B. Scott, Jerod Mixon, Reggie de Morton and Doc Otis.

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