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Comedy Reviews - CD - James Inman - Greyhound Diary

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Greyhound Diaries
James Inman
Independent Release
Some 30 minutes

Anybody who has ever taken the bus ride from hell, and aren't they all, will definitely enjoy Greyhound Diary, the independent comedy CD ROM by stand-up comic James Inman. This is not your usual comedy CD release where you get the audio of a comedian on stage. Inman has, instead, released a performance at the Seattle Underground Comedy Club as a slide show performance where you get not only to hear about his adventures aboard a Greyhound bus but you also get to see the many pictures he took.

Greyhound Diaries is definitely fun and funny. It opens with a nice cheerful Greyhound commercial ditty and what almost sounds like performance poetry but soon becomes your usual stand-up comedy patter. Inman has documented every aspect of his trip on the Styx river including aspects like trying to sleep on the bus, the various bathrooms encountered along the way, the circus show freak who boarded the bus at some point in time, the bad food, the weird signs. This trip from hell soon takes its toll on James Inman's sanity and he soon descends into conspiracy theories involving freemasons, a relationship between Greyhound and ancient Egyptian religion, and the hidden history of Greyhound and world conspiracy.

This is a very original -as in he is the only comic I know who has done this-- approach and it definitely works although, personally I would have preferred a setup, like a VCD, that you could play on more than your PC. Inman says he chose the CD ROM format for Greyhound Diaries because he wanted more than just a stand-up comedy CD and if he sold it as a VCD people would expect moving images or a high-quality film. He is probably right but it does limit where and when you can listen to this very funny stand-up comic.

Greyhound Diaries is a very funny experience.

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