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Articles - The Comedy Network Presents American Body Shop

American Body Shop
The Comedy Network
Peter A. Hulne, Jill Bartlett, Nick Offerman
Tuesdays 10:00 P.M. starting Oct. 2, 2007
2007-08 TV Season
At least 10 episodes

American Body Shop on The Comedy Network is the weirdest situation comedy I have in a long, long time. The best way to describe it is Pimp My Car meets The Dirty Dozen meets The Three Stooges and even that is not accurate. Desert Body and Custom in Phoenix, Arizona is the home of a weird, dishonest, and dysfunctional crew of mechanics who went to mechanic's school on the short bus. It is headed by shop owner Sam (Peter Hulne).who supervises people with the IQ of a high school jock and the manners of a drunk frat boy.

The people at Desert Body and Custom probably have a lot of automotive talent; after all, you see countless cherry cars during the show, but they never seem to be working on one of them. In fact, they never seem to be working much at all. The two shows on the screener The Comedy Network sent us always feature a scene or two from the black and white security cameras showing the staff getting injured, crushed, or impaled.

Episode 1 of American Body Shop has the Desert Body and Custom crew try to shape up the shop before it loses its insurance. This involves stealing fire extinguishers from nearby motels and hotels and buying not so fireproof fireproof suits. Episode 2 of the show has one of the staff help out the local bishop who was out driving drunk and ended up with someone in his windshield. The bishop himself has had problems in the past that were settled out of court and the reveal of what those problems were shows how the show likes to play with the viewer's expectations.

The crew of Desert Body and Custom is also not above a few ambulance chasing tactics and illegal shenanigans to drum up some business. This Comedy Central situation comedy now available on The Comedy Network is unscripted and this might explain some of the hand held camera shots that are a bit out of focus or show the scene with an obstacle in front of it.

American Body Shop is a very weird show that, at the time of writing this review, may or may not live to see another season. It is, however, strangely enjoyable if not quite a must see. Episodes of American Body Shop will be available on demand after airing at The Comedy Network dot CA website.

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