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Articles - The Comedy Network Presents Mind of Mencia Season 3

The Comedy Network Presents Mind of Mencia Season 3
The Comedy Network Presents
Mind of Mencia Season Three
Carlos Mencia
Wednesdays, 10:30 P.M.
2007-08 season

Season three of Mind of Mencia starring edgy and blue stand-up comic Carlos Mencia airs Wednesdays at 10:30 P.M. on The Comedy Network. I am not a Mencia fan but I have to admit I enjoyed the first two episodes of the season three screener we received. Mind of Mencia is a different kind of show that combines monologues, sketch comedy of recent news events ( seeing Carlos Mencia as Britney Spears or Paris Hilton is certainly something you will need a therapist to get over), spoofs of movies and TV shows, and other irreverent but usually quite funny segments.

Perhaps the best way to describe Mind of Mencia is if you took the opening segments of the Tonight Show, took out any censoring device, and extended it into a half hour show. Episode 1 of Mind of Mencia season three airs October 3rd on The Comedy Network and features Mencia recreating news events, an inspirational sports movie where Carlos plays the coach of a basketball team with an all midget line-up, a very warped spoof of Barney titled Carlosaurus that includes a few very, very sick musical numbers.

Episode 2 of Mind of Mencia season 3 opens with a really funny bit on parental responsibility versus censorship. Good stuff, especially since the sketch itself is the kind of thing that would get censored. The monologue is a really good bit on stereotypes and it will probably find itself on a future Carlos Mencia CD. Guests Three 6 Mafia  help Carlos understand rap by doing rap version of well-known love songs. The Iraqi fall TV line-up sketch is funny. Check out the version of Two and a Half Men on ABC -the All Beheading Channel--,  My Name is Echhh, and the beauty pageant from Afghanistan. Unfortunately there is too much of Mencia as the Iraqi host in this bit. The Borat spoof is not bad at all.

All in all, Mind of Mencia season three should make for good comedy TV if you like irreverent but pretty smart sketch comedy and spoofs.

Fans of Carlos Mencia will want to check out for all the Mind of Mencia episodes on demand, the season 3 shows being available the day after they air on The Comedy Network.

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