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Funny Books - FoxTrot - And When She Opened The Closet Door, All The Clothes Were Polyester


And When She Opened The Closet, All the Clothes Were Polyester!
A FoxTrot Collection
Bill Amend
Andrews McMeel 2007
167 pages

And When She Opened The Closet, All the Clothes Were Polyester is the last FoxTrot collection of the daily strips as Amend has decided to devote his energies to the Sunday panel only. It is kind of hard to blame Bill Amend after almost twenty years and twenty-five books but I must say I am going to miss the collections. This FoxTrot collection features strips published between February and December 2006

I had found the last couple of FoxTrot books had some rather repetitive strips, something that could have been remedied by placing the recurring strips out of publication sync, and though And When She Opened yadda yadda opens with 6 strips featuring Andy, the mother, trying to fill in a crossword puzzle  --the gags are good, however-- I very much enjoyed this latest (2007) Bill Amend FoxTrot collection. Aside from that too often recurring next to each other gag, yadda yadda All The Clothes Were Polyester is still funny stuff.

The strips where Jason gets sister Paige's goat or gets too heavily involved into computer gaming or hacking are always good for laughs but in And When She Opened The Closet Door, All The Clothes Were Polyester I especially enjoyed the strips where other newspaper comics make a guest appearance like Amend's Family Circus joke on page 74. This inspires Jason to produce his own replacement cartoons for Cathy (p. 82 and better than the original if you ask me), Pearls Before Swine, Zits (a bit too literal but not bad), For Better Or For Worse, which is really weird, Garfield, and Boondocks. Of course, there has to be a Peanuts reference and Amend gets a great gag out of a classic Peanuts Christmas moment on page 155.

Also enjoyable is the bit where Jason opens a coffee shop in the kitchen after his father suggests he should come up with a way to make his own money.

This FoxTrot collection has to have the longest title ever for a comic strip collection. Perhaps Bill Amend is a fan of Shawn Phillips? It is a solid sendoff to a much enjoyed comic strip though I would have ended And When She Opened ... with page 166 where Amend says his goodbyes and put the page 167 Sunday panel elsewhere. Then again, I am not the editor and maybe I have no idea what dealing with a cartoonist involves.

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