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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dave Lippman - Singing CIA Agent George Shrub Live In Manhattan Kansas

picture of lippman
Singing CIA Agent George Shrub -Live In Manhattan Kansas
Dave Lippman
Independent Release Comedy CD

This reviewer has no idea what to make of Singing CIA Agent George Shrub Live In Manhattan (Kansas) the independent release comedy CD by Dave Lippman. You would think that a collection of some 500 CDs featuring the work of stand-up comics, funny song writers or humorous storytellers, and so on would prepare you for this very odd collection of funny songs, funny bits, and the I am not sure how to classify it stuff Dave Lippman has assembled here.

The first half of this comedy CD is Dave Lippman's alter ego, George Schrub (who is kind of like the CIA guy in Doonesbury) doing a couple of short song excerpts where the original lyrics have been replaced by funnier topical lyrics and a talk of sorts about the current political situation. It is this talk of sorts that baffles this reviewer. It is a strange mix of stand-up comedy and a history professor like monologue. This is most evident in track 8 Supervising Our World (with visual aide) where Shrub points at a "map" and says things like "I know this is review stuff here". Shrub also uses a couple of old lines like "Can't say ladies anymore, have to say women. Isn't that right, girls?" that do not quite belong in either genre.

Also baffling are tracks 14 to 20 where Dave Lippman is introduced -never been a fan of a "track" where there is only an introduction: it feels like padding the content list-and then sings a few Tom Lehrer like funny songs. This is baffling because it is very difficult to tell the difference between Lippman and Shrub.

So, who knows? 500 and some comedy CDs and this one's still got me wondering.

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