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Foreign Comedy - France - Prete-moi ta main / I Do or How To Get Married And Stay Single


Prete-moi ta main / I Do or How To Get Married And Stay Single
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alain Chabat
Directed by Eric Lartigau
France 2006
DVD 2008
90 minutes

Prete-moi ta main / I Do - How To Get Married And Stay Single is a superb French romantic comedy with universal appeal. Though French movies are generally vacuous or verbose if not verbosely vacuous and vacuously verbose there is the odd movie from France that is original, funny, smart, and where the characters do not talk everything out to death. This is the case for this DVD.

Luis, a 43 year old single guy grew up in an all-female very dominated household. The pressure for him to get married gets to be too much and he decides to let some steam out by introducing them to a fictitious future wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg) that will leave him at the altar. This way, he will be able to remain single and never hear about marriage ever again. Of course, the plans of mice and men....

Prete-moi ta main / I Do - How to Get Married and Stay Single gets a lot of its energy and charm from the performances Charlotte Gainsbourg gives as Emmanuelle and the ideal woman Emmanuelle pretends to be to please Luis' family. This French romantic comedy also gets its laughs from set-ups with delayed pay-offs and a running gag or two.  The writing is superb.

The English translation of this French DVD's title is wordy. This is because although in English you give your hand in marriage, in French you only lend it. This probably explains why the French have more affairs. Personally, I would have kept the translation to a simple I Do ?

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