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Funny Books - Skipping Christmas - John Grisham Audio Book


Skipping Christmas - Unabridged
John Grisham
Read by Dennis Boutsikaris
4 CDs
Random House 2001

Law and crime novelist John Grisham penned Skipping Christmas, a nice little novel that is perhaps best known in its movie incarnation: Christmas With The Kranks with Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis.

To be honest, I acquired this 4 CD audio book in the hope Grisham had come up with a more satisfying ending than the movie's.

I rooted for Luther Krank and his plan of skipping or boycotting Christmas and all its commercial trappings for a year.

Luther Krank is right with his boycott of Christmas, its artificiality, its high-pressure expectations and expenses and consequent letdowns.

Unfortunately for me the movie is pretty faithful to the original Xmas tale.

Still, I must admit Skipping Christmas is a fun tale and quite well read by Denis Boutsikaris on the unabridged 4 CD audiobook.

In some ways, Grisham gets to have his fruitcake and eat it too with Skipping Christmas.

Grisham makes a biting comment on conformism and how not so subtly it is imposed and beat up on us by our friends and neighbors.

This is made quite clear with the Frosty episodes where everybody on the Kranks' street all put up an 80 foot Frosty the Snowman on their roofs.

In the end, of course, the real meaning of Christmas overcomes everything and so on. Bah humbug.

The movie and audiobook are quite different in one way: the book focuses more on the events before the Kranks' daughter announces her arrival while the movie focuses more on the ensuing panic.

Skipping Christmas is not quite as dark as Christmas With The Kranks Dan Aykroyd's Vic Frohmeyer much more maniacal. There is also no running gag involving the Scheel cat. The movie is also much more unbelievable as it takes everything over the top.

Skipping Christmas is a nice, family friendly audiobook to listen to on the way to and from the relatives or while circling around a shopping center parking lot. At four hours long, you'll just have enough time to listen to the whole thing before you find a spot.

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