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 George Carlin (1937 - 2008) was America's most influential comic though he, in turn was influenced by Lenny Bruce.

This is a list of everything Carlin. If you want the best of the best the 2 CD Classic Gold is the way to go.

George Carlin All My Stuff:  The complete set of HBO specials until 2005.

On Location: George Carlin At USC (1977) George Carlin Again! (1978) Carlin At Carnegie Hall (1982) Carlin On Campus (1984) Playing With Your Head (1986) What Am I Doing In New Jersey? 1988 Doin It Again (1990) Jammin In New York (1992) Back In Town (1996) You Are All Diseased (1999) Complaints and Grievances (2001) and Life Is Worth Losing (2005) with two bonus discs: a video interview and an audio interview on XM Radio

George Carlin CD

The Early Suit and Tie Years:

 Killer Carlin

Back in the very early days when Carlin partnered with Jack Burns. Only 25 minutes long. Very early sixties style stand-up comedy but a bit of a Lenny Bruce influence audible on a couple of tracks. This Carlin CD is for hard core fans only. Fairly easily found in bargain bins until his death.

 George Carlin Take Offs and Put Downs

Very early Carlin from back when he was wearing a suit. The original Wonderful Wino and bits on TV commercials, Newscast, Day Time Television, and Indian Sergeant. For fans, really as this CD has none of the wit and verbal magic.

 FM & AM 1972

With Class Clown one of two George Carlin CD classics. Still early and not quite edgy material.

 Class Clown  1972

Class Clown  is George Carlin's most autobiographical CD and one of two classics. Features many stories about Carlin growing up in White Harlem. Includes the original Seven Words You Cannot Say On Television.

 Occupation Foole  1973

Released after Class Clown. The other very biographical CD. Includes White Harlem, New York Voices, Black Consciousness, and Cute Little Farts.

 George Carlin Classic Gold

Two CD set compilation of FM & Am, Class Clown, and Occupation Foole  Basically all of the great and early Carlin comedy

 Toledo Window Box  1974

Aside from Some Werds this is a minor release.

 An Evening With Wally Londo 1975

Features the classic Baseball - Football. Also Y'Ever. The rest is ordinary stuff.

 On The Road  1977

The best of the late seventies George Carlin CD s. Includes Death and Dying, Kids Are Too Small, Rules Rules Rules, Parent's Cliches and Children's Secret Answers, and Words We Leave Behind.

 A Place For My Stuff 1981

A very very minor George Carlin CD. For hardcore fans only. Includes lame studio bits like Announcements. If you can, download only A Place For My Stuff, Asshole Jackoff Scumbag, and perhaps Have A Nice Day

 Carlin on Campus1984

First Carlin record on his own label and finally (11/08) on CD.Not to be confused with the later HBO special --which I did for a while.

 Playin' With Your Head  1986

Includes Hello - Goodbye, Losing Things, and You're Lost. Not bad.

  What Am I Doing In New Jersey? 1988

Keeping People Alert and More Stuff on Cars and Driving. An ordinary Carlin release.

 Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics 1990

An uneven Carlin CD. I still do not think Rape Can Be Funny works but Organ Donor Program, Don't Pull The Plug On Me, and especially Euphemisms make this one worthwhile.

 Jammin' In New York 1992

Post Gulf War release. Minor stuff even includes airline jokes


 Back In Town 1996 

A very caustic Carlin with his solution for Capital Punishment and State Prison Farms. The routine on Familiar Expressions shows the comedian's love of language. Not a bad, not a great CD

 You Are All Diseased 1999  B00000IPXM 

A minor Carlin CD. Only interesting are American Bullshit and There Is No God. For hardcore fans only.

 Complaints and Grievances 2001

Probably the worst Carlin CD ever. 22 tracks of misses where the stand-up comes across as an angry old fart. Cynical but not funny is not a good combination.

 Life Is Worth Losing 2006 

Carlin is back and in very fine form on this release. His take on human behavior is once again witty, intelligent, and funny.

  The last George Carlin CD and it is excellent. Read the review

Carlin DVDs

 On Location

Carlin's first HBO special.  

Basically the DVD version of On The Road. A good choice for dirty words and the seven dirty words amended  in a version not available on CD. Also includes Fucking vs. Killing.

 Carnegie Hall 1983

Comedian Scoreboard, Have a Nice Day, Food, Headlines, Dogs and Cats, Hitler. This is the one that ends with Carlin unrolling a long list of More Dirty Words. Not bad, not great.

 George's Best Stuff

May or may not be a true title. Includes Seven Dirty Words, Stuff, Al Sleet, Dog Incident, Fussy Eater, Losing Things, Driving.

 Personal Favorites

A Place For My Stuff, Baseball - Football, Kids' Rules, New Sports Rules, Earrings, Founding of America "by slave owners who wanted to be free"

 Life Is Worth Losing 2005

The penultimate George Carlin HBO concert.Also one of his very best as the crochety old man is gone and the real humor and wit is back.

  Carlin goes out with a bang on his last HBO special. Great, great stuff.



Other George Carlin Reviews

Complaints And Grievances: This Carlin CD is just Bitching and Moaning By An Old Fart.

Life Is Worth Losing: The George Carlin comedy CD that is going to rehabilitate him as still being one of the greats.

Doin' It Again: George Carlin is not always absolutely brilliant on Doin' It Again, the DVD version

George Carlin 1937 - 2008: Proved to be, as he wished, too hip for the room

When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?: contains some warmed over stuff and leftovers, and gristle

Jammin' In New York: One of the best George Carlin comedy DVDs

November 08 George Carlin Releases: Article about 11/08 releases

Editorial - George Carlin Receives Mark Twain Prize: About time Carlin got the Mark Twain but guest list is rather questionable

It's Bad For Ya - DVD: Carlin's last HBO special. He was too hip for the room but the room loved him.

It's Bad For Ya - CD: George Carlin's swan song comedy CD is no turkey

George Carlin On Location aka at USC (1977): First Carlin HBO Special became the On the Road CD

The Comedy Network - George Carlin It's Bad For Ya 05/16/09 10 P.M.: Last Carlin HBO comedy special is great.

Last Words - a memoir: semi autobiographical book is pretty decent and honest

The George Carlin Letters: Not particularly interesting and certainly not revealing.

Conversations With Carlin: 2001 interview where the author asked Carlin all the right questions. Very interesting and revealing.

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