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Live Comedy - Laugh-rodisiacs - Just For Laughs Comedy 2008

Laugh-rodisiacs - Just For Laughs Comedy 2008
Laugh-rodisiacs Just For Laughs 2008
The Relationship Show
Greg Behrendt, Hal Cruttenden, Billy Gardell
Cathy Ladman, Henry Phillips, John Heffron
Metropolis, Montreal
July 17th 2008

Laugh-rodisiacs, i.e. the relationship show is a constant hit at the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival. It is one of the two absolutely safe year in year out bets -the other is Bubbling With Laughter. Once again this year Laugh-rodisiacs was a solid show. Not perfect, they never are, but solid.

Sort of relationship guru Greg Behrendt acted as MC. He was great for the first half, less so for the second. This did not help the second half of the show but more on that later.

Brit Hal Cruttenden opened the show with basically the same comedy he had done on the Bubbling With Laughter on Monday. It was not as good this time around. Same material, same comic, and there you go. I think it's because he fumbled his first joke and that affected him.

Billy Gardell followed and he killed, perhaps even slaughtered. It's hard to come up with new relationship jokes, it's even harder to come up with a killer set on a night where everybody is doing the same topic -at least three of the comics did a joke on how the particular way a woman sighs can kill a guy's erection. Gardell was on fire. This is a comic I want to see more of. Not only because he was excellent but I would also like to see what else he can do.

Oddly enough the Just For Laughs Laugh-rodisiac show this year had unbalanced gender representation. Cathy Ladman hoisted the women's point of view flag but a lot of it was more about motherhood that relationships as such. Really good stuff but not quite relationship focused enough for my palate (which has been known to be wrong).

The second half of the show featuring Henry Philips and John Heffron was not as hot as the first half. The audience was really stoked and hot during the first half and the intermission sucked a lot of energy out of the room. Then again, Behrendt's opening of the second half was not that good and somewhat set the tone. Phillips was very good and has a style all his own. Heffron is better than what I saw tonight.

I am being somewhat difficult. I doubt a single person at the relationship show will not willingly go back next year. I know I will.

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