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Stand-up DVD - Ron Shock - Bootleg 1

Independent Release
60 Minutes

Bootleg 1 is the first of two independent release DVDs by stand-up comic Ron Shock. Although this DVD looks and sounds more like a VCD and looks more like a high quality home movie, this is still a very enjoyable and watchable in concert version of one of the best comedians around.

This DVD consists of segments from three different shows in three different clubs over what seems to be a couple of years. The first segment consists in a series of very funny jokes about driving in Houston. Many comics claim a particular town has the worst drivers; Ron Shock makes a serious and hilarious claim for Houston, Texas. Of course, if you are going to drive like a maniac in Houston, you are going to get a few jokes in about Houston cops. The first set closes with a personal favorite and a Ron Shock classic: Van Seats. This is a great story about the different things you can find for sale on the side of the road, including, of course, seats for your van.

Set two is another Ron Shock forte, newspaper stories. Although another personal fave .22-caliber rifle is not there, this stand-up comics ability to make weird news stories funny through extrapolation and slight exaggeration makes for a strong set.

The third segment of Bootleg 1 consists of the classic Oral Roberts and the 900-foot Jesus. This cut is different from the eponymous CD version and watching Shock perform it live, even for a fan who has heard this material before, makes this DVD worth getting.

However, the gem on this DVD, and a set not available on any CD is Dope Story. This is a long and extremely funny story about a hoity-toity wedding in Australia, some primo stuff, the groom, the bride, and four other wedding guests who smoke up some of the best weed around. Ron Shock claims that DEA agents have certified this dope story as the funniest they have ever heard and, honestly, it is hard to contradict the experts.

If you are willing to overlook the production values, although the sound quality is just fine, Bootleg l by Ron Shock is a solid comedy DVD.

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