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Stand-up DVD - Don Tjernagel - Smut

Don Tjernagel
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Independent Release
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It takes stand-up comic Don Tjernagel 15 seconds to get dirty on his first (and it's about time) stand-up comedy DVD Smut.  There has never been a more appropriately titled release. There is nothing sacred for this comedian aside from freedom of speech and he certainly takes every possible advantage of that right.

Tjernagel is not only the best dirty comic ever but he is also wickledly smart. Can you name another comic who has a dick joke with a Shakespeare punchline?

Tjernagel is obviously on top of his game during this hometown Iowa performance and he's got an audience that can follow him in the gutter and up his ivory tower allusions. This makes for one hell of a great comedy DVD.

Fans of the dirtiest comic on the planet will be glad to know Smut is a good mix of Tjernagel's best bits and new stuff like the routine about jacking off in the tanning bed. What I like most about this stand-up comedian is he cares about his audience so he warns you about the dangers of leaving a trace. Another solid new bit is how traumatic the school picture can be.

I also liked his miniature golf championship bit but as I have seen such a thing on the local sports channel it was not as surreal to me as the rest of his material.

One of the many things about Don Tjernagel that impress is how original his dirty comedy is: He brings a whole new meaning to eating a midget; his blowjob routine includes references to seals, Keanu Reeves, John F. Kennedy, Art Garfunkel, his mother and father; and his cunningulus bit references to Michael Douglas and Romancing the Stone and Tom Sawyer.

It just gets better after that including a sex joke with a John Steinbeck reference, a very strange Catholic church - McDonald's conspiracy theory, and Jimmy Stewart doing Ahnold.

Smut is an absolutely great stand-up comedy DVD.  I sure as hell hope it is shipped in a plain brown wrapper.

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