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George Carlin Receives Mark Twain Prize for Humor
November 10th 2008

It’s about time George Carlin received the 2008 Mark Twain Prize for Humor. Of course, someone in the Carlin family will be receiving it for him on November 10th 2008. That’s what we do with the really great artists: too little too late: Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night of the Living Dead received one first.

The list of people with some connection with comedy who will be honoring George Carlin is a mix of the obvious and the you’ve got to be kidding me.

There is no doubt Lewis Black belongs there. Nobody can come as close to Carlin’s acidic take on society. Bill Maher’s and Jon Stewart‘s skewering of American politics and the gullible also make them appropriate guests.

Joan Rivers is there because way back when she was a trailblazer although now she comments on blazers.

Lily Tomlin is there because … she is still alive and received the 2003 Mark Twain Prize? Granted, Tomlin was a great comic for a while but the key words here are was and for a while.

Richard Belzer is a questionable decision.

I would really like to questions whoever thought so-called comics like Gary Shandling, Denis Leary, and Margaret Cho are appropriate guests on a night honoring a great stand-up comic?

My guess is they had no bookings for November 10th, 2008

Any working comic and serious stand-up comedy fan knows why Leary is a questionable choice.

Anybody with a pulse and a brain must have CHOked back whatever bile rose in their throat when they heard Margaret Cho was on the guest list.

MARGARET CHO???? MARGARET CHO???? What the Seven Words does Margaret Cho have to do with stand-up comedy, never mind George Carlin?

Cho cannot be there for representational purposes as there is no Black or Latino comic on the guest list.

So, what possible explanation can there be for this absolutely not funny, unoriginal –her latest project, the Cho Show is a total copy of Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List—person who sometimes holds a mic in a comedy environment and screams at the audience?

Associating Margaret Cho to a humor award is like asking Britney Spears to give out good conduct medals.

Maybe Cho is there to make Shandling and Leary palatable.

My guess is somebody is planning to release the 2008 Mark Twain Prize on DVD and that same somebody gets a cut from whatever Cho, Leary, and Shandling make.

Shit! Piss! Fuck! Cunt! Cocksucker! Motherfucker!

I have no problem with Tits.

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