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Articles - Chocolate News - David Alan Grier - Press Release

Chocolate News - David Alan Grier - Press Release
Chocolate News David Alan Grier
The Comedy Network
Thursdays 10:30 P.M.
Starts October 16, 2008
10 Episodes

This review includes links to 3 Chocolate News clips. Full disclosure: The Comedy Network sent us a chocolate bar so we would promote this show. David Alan Grier stars in Chocolate News, a news comedy show that seems to be an equal opportunity attack at FOX “News”. This show will air in Canada on The Comedy Network Thursdays at 10:30 P.M.. The chocolate was very good.

Phat Man: No Child Left Behind Clip

David Alan Grier, of In Living Color fame, plays an anchorman in Chocolate News, a 10 episode news comedy show that aims to give equal time to Black news. In this program, Grier will reveal KISS’ African-American origins and tell all about what happens to the Black babies celebrities adopt when in need of exposure.

Maya Angelou’s Benediction Clip

Grier will also play investigative reporter in reports that are probably going to be as reliable as what you get on standard network TV.

Roger Bunn Tribute Clip

Chocolate News will also feature what sounds like a Dennis Miller style rant under the title Can I Flow? The first such comedy rant is to be on the relation between America’s two cheery Os: Obama and Oprah.

If you miss Chocolate News, the episode will be available at the following day.

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