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Articles - Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin Oct. 18 2008

Saturday Night Live October 18th 2008
With Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Josh Brolin

Read on for 7 Saturday Night Live Clips. The much ballyhooed Saturday Night Live episode with Governor Sarah Palin turned out to be as boring as all the other shows in the last twenty years of this walking corpse. NBC and Lorne Michaels missed a great opportunity to get viewers back. Ratings had been up by almost 50% compared to last season’s opening month or so. SNL presented the same lame skits that run way too long and the same juvenile humor that would not even make it in a grade school talent show i.e. a three-minute skit on “fart face”.

The last time I watched Saturday Night of the Living Dead I had a serious case of insomnia. It is really the only reason to ever tune in to this once and a hell of a long time ago good sketch comedy show. The Sarah Palin episode was a letdown. If Palin is the scrapper she says she is she certainly did not show it here. All Palin did was stand or sit and smile. She did not even have the gumption to even acknowledge Fey’s existence when she walked past the 30 Rock star in the opening bit.

A friend expected Palin to go on this show and take on Tina Fey pretty much like you take on the school bully. Oh well. Politicians go on shows like this to show they have a sense of humor and are human. Oh well.

The Japanese restaurant skit was a nightmare. The Suse Orman skit was pointless. The Tim Calhoun segment of Weekend Update was supposed to be funny because Calhoun was using Palin’s body language. It was DOA.

The only somewhat, and only by comparison, funny bit in this Saturday Night Comatose show was MacGrubber, a MacGyver spoof. The folks at SNL are so desperate for jokes they ran that skit five different times.

Richard Lanoie

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