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Articles - 6Teen DVD Page

6Teen DVDs are much easier to purchase at Amazon Canada than Amazon U.S.  For fans of this Teletoon / Nick cartoon series, here is an almost complete list of the DVDs available for this series and a capsule review.

  6Teen - Dude of the Living Dead. The Halloween DVD with an hour long episode and a half hour episode. Best in the series

6Teen - Deck the Mall. A Christmas show, Mr. Nice Guy, and The Slow and Even Tempered. Not bad.

6Teen - Employee of the Month. Also includes The Fake Date and The Girls in the Band. Second only to the Halloween DVD

  6Teen - Snow Job. Title episode and 1 one hour episode on this DVD. 3rd favorite.

  6Teen - Stupid Over Cupid. Valentine's Day episode and

Cecil B Delusionned where Jonesy becomes a TV producer of sorts, and The One With the Text Message about a prom dress two of the girls want.


  6Teen - Take This Job and Squeeze It. The first 6Teen episode plus 1 more. Not the best.


  6Teen - Idol Time at the Mall. Title episode plus Breaking Up With the Boss' Son and Five Finger Discount. Not my favorite.


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