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Articles - Golf Jokes - 11 Great Golf Stand-Up Comedy Routines

Golf Jokes - 11 Great Golf Stand-Up Comedy Routines
A most original gift for the golfer or duffer in your life is a do-it-yourself compilation of the best golf jokes around. Each of these golf stand-up comedy mp3 is 99 cents at Amazon so this quick 11 golf jokes set comes a bit more than 10 dollars. If you have a printer, a jpg of a golfball would make a great label. 

Our favorite golf stand-up comedy bits are here below in order of preference. Click the golf ball for the golf mp3 at Amazon.


Lewis Black - Golfers (explicit)


Bill Engvall - I Love Golf


George Carlin - Golf Courses for the Homeless (explicit)

John Heffron - Golf Swings and Birth Order


David Pryde - Golf (explicit)


Rodney Carrington - Depends on the Golf Course (explicit)


Roy D Mercer - Golf Course


Tim Wilson - Golf


John Caponera - Golf


Sandra Bernhard - I Hate Golf / Mock the Poor (explicit)


Lewis Grizzard - Golf Heaven


Jeff Wayne - Raunchiest Jokes from the Golf Couse.

Includes: Tee-ed Off / Avoid the Trap / Dog Legs / Nice Putter! / Out of Bounds / It's Only the Fair-Way / Into the Rough / 19th Hole

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