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Stand-up DVD - Carlos Mencia - No Strings Attached - The Comedy Network 03/07/09

No Strings Attached
Carlos Mencia
Stand-Up Comedy DVD
Comedy Network 2006

Carlos Mencia is your basic primer to stand-up comedy. Once you’ve experienced this explain-the-joke-a few-times comic, you are ready for better and smarter comedians. This said, No Strings Attached, Carlos Mencia 's 2006 stand-up comedy DVD is fun to watch.

There is a lowest common denominator aspect to Carlos Mencia’s stand-up comedy that irritates a few people. Racial humor about beaners and so on, retard jokes, and, most offensive, crass white folk stereotypes are what this comic’s material consists of.

Mencia also often tells his audience they did not understand what he was really saying and why the joke was funnier and not as offensive as they thought. Yeah, right.

There is also a heard this before aspect to Mencia’s comedy such as his Southwest airplane joke and his banding together after 9/11 bit. It’s not that Mencia steals. It’s that his observational comedy is six months behind everybody else.

This stand-up comic fails to understand that when some people in his audience do not laugh it is not because they are afraid to, it’s because they laughed at a variation of that joke a long time ago.

I am pretty hard to offend but I was when Mencia said “There is a soldier dying tonight so we can have freedom of speech” to make his dumb racial humor acceptable. That, and his handicapped guy imitation. I did enjoy his “I will burn in hell” routine though.

His Passion of Christ bit is above par and quite good until he gets into the what do eggs have to do with it? His long story about performing for the handicapped does make you change your mind about this stand-up comic a bit.

Carlos Mencia No Strings Attached is lowbrow and often unibrow stand-up comedy. The equivalent would be a baby food jar.

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