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Articles - Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 - Show 2 CBC 03-16-09

Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 - Show 2 CBC 03-16-09
CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 Episode 2
CBC Television
Monday March 16, 2009 9 P.M.

CBC Monday nights are a must in March and April with back to back episodes of the 2008 Halifax Comedy Festival and 2008 Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Though both shows feature mostly very good or excellent stand-up comedy, the two shows are different enough to make this comedy hour entertaining. The Winnipeg Comedy Festival are thematic and feature 3 comics and a host. The Halifax shows feature more comics with shorter bits, sometimes only a joke or two long, filmed in different venues.

Granted, I do have a bit of ADD but I find the Halifax Comedy Show episodes a bit choppy.

Episode 2 of the Halifax Comedy Festival airs March 16th 2009 at 9 P.M. It features Craig Robinson of Pineapple Express and The Office fame in a good musical sing along bit, a couple of jokes by Erica Sigurdson, the dreadful Ant (who for some reason is in just about every show in the series, proving how difficult getting rid of Ant(s) is), and Jeff McEnery.

The very expressive Greg Morton also gets a couple of jokes in before the first commercial break.

Pete Zedlacher gets in a somewhat longer routine with lots of airplane jokes before the show cuts back to Craig Robinson and more musical comedy. Jay Malone does a couple of seal clubbing jokes before the second commercial break.

Jonny Harris, Roman Danylo, and Zedlacher get time to tell a couple of jokes before Craig Robinson closes the show.

Being a hard core stand-up comedy fan, I am not impressed with the clip approach of this show. I find it insulting to the art of stand-up. They would not give you the first thirty seconds of the song before going to another thirty seconds of another song and so on.

This second episode of the 2008 Halifax Comedy Festival series airs March 16th 2009 at 9 on the CBC

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