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Articles - Halifax Comedy Festival Show 3 - CBC 03-23-09 9 P.M.

Halifax Comedy Festival Show 3 - CBC 03-23-09 9 P.M.
CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 Episode 3
CBC Television
Monday March 23, 2009 9 P.M

I am not enamored with the format of the CBC Halifax Comedy Festival TV series. Watching snippets of various comics is like reading the condensed condensed version of a Reader’s Digest book.  I must admit the editing in the third episode of this stand-up comedy series which airs Monday March 23rd 2009 at 9 P.M. is less annoying than usual. I still prefer the 9:30 CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival show.

This show opens with stand-up comic Debra DiGiovanni with a decent bit on being single and a big girl. Jean Paul has a good bit on being the Black guy at a murder mystery party –I wish we could have the entire routine. Pete Zedlacher has good stand-up about the U.S. and Canadian flags.

My second most favorite moment in episode 3 of the CBC Halifax Comedy Festival is when Johnny Harris plays to the pub locals with a good bit on the seal hunt that segues very nicely into his preference for non-free range meat.

Comic Irwin Barker probably has a good stand-up comedy bit but the snippet format of this show takes a lot away from it. I really liked his “Charles Darwin didn’t start out an evolutionist. He gradually turned out that way.”

The best moment in the show is David Hemstad whose routine on ADD kids is given the respect is deserves. ADD jokes are oh shiny object but this one is original and makes a good point. He is followed by the second half of DiGiovanni’s routine.

Matt Billon is saddled with playing a food court at lunch time but does okay considering. Jeff McEnery does not come across very well this time around for some reason. The same can be said about Rich Hall and his speculative piece on who the next President would be.

Nick Beaton’s comedy bit fashion is decent enough. Peter White plays to the Halifax locals with a routine about PEI that doesn’t get that many laughs.

Irwin Barker and DiGiovanni come back with thirty seconds from their performance to close the show.

The CBC Halifax Comedy Festival shows continue Mondays until April 13th.

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