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Articles - CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Episode 4 03-30-2009

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Episode 4 03-30-2009
CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2008 Episode 4 Bon Voyage
Jimmy Tingle, John Wing, Geri Hall
Hosted by Baber Sidiqui
CBC Television 03/30/09 9:30 P.M.

Episode 4 of the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2008 wishes its viewers bon voyage with an all-travel stand-up comedy episode. Hosted by Baber Sidiqui of Little Mosque on the Prairie fame, this show features American stand-up Jimmy Tingle, rock solid Canadian comic John Wing Jr., and Geri Hall.

Jimmy Tingle, a comic I have always liked and never see often enough, opens the show with your basic airport jokes routine.  Some of his material will sound familiar to long-time fans, “Europe, wonderful country”. Tingle did not bring is A material as there is no such thing as A material when it comes to airport jokes. This is still a pretty good set.

Geri Hall does a skit as an Air Canada service (can you say oxymoron?) representative. This is a very original set with some good lines like “If you get a full can of pop, then the terrorists win”. It would have been funnier if most of the jokes here did not ring so true they are no longer jokes. The one moment that does not ring true is when Hall says “on behalf of Air Canada, I would like to apologize for this inconvenience…” This has never and will never happen.

John Wing Jr. closes the March 30th of the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Standup comic and professional traveler Wing is his usual solid self. I especially like the “everything is a line” observation about the travelling experience. This is not Wing’s tightest set but he is very good anyways.

This show follows the CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 at 9 P.M.

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