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Comedy Reviews - CD - Matt Kirshen - I Guess We'll Never Know

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I Guess We’ll Never Know
Matt Kirshen
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009

British comic Matt Kirshen was on Last Comic Standing. Don’t worry, he did not win. That means he is original, smart, and funny. This is a trademark of a Stand Up! Records stand-up comedy CD. I Guess We’ll Never Know is a very funny, original CD that makes you impatient to hear what Matt Kirshen will come up with next.

Like Guinness, British comedy does not travel well but this comic and his stand-up are right at home in the heartland of America. There is not a single weak moment on this comedy CD. The problem here is figuring out which of these many solid routines is your personal favorite. I am stumped.

Especially excellent on this Matt Kirshen CD is a bit about how children today are not as healthy as in past generations, This is, again, smart and wickedly funny comedy with references to video games, WW I, and the Dark Ages (no, not the Bush years, the other ones). It segues brilliantly into a bit on modern medicine and its crackpot cures, and donating your body to science and helping a medical student get lucky.

Part of what makes Kirshen much better than your average comic is how smoothly the bits flow from one to another and how he can make even an airplane joke fresh and funny. Observations like “text messaging killed the beacon” and how a few years from now comedy club audiences will be reacting with lol surprise and amuse.

His bit on how creationists should logically not be able to use any technology is something that must be played next time there is a creationism v evolution debate. Case closed.

The best of the best on this stand-up comedy CD is Kirshen’s take on Americans (in front of an American crowd no less!). This is dead on observational stuff that the Midwest audience just swallows up.

If you like smart, original stand-up this is one hell of a good bet.

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