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Our Stand Up! Records reviews

  Erik Allen - Your Feature Performer Is Wasted  Review

  Cy Amundson - Lovesick in Toledo  Review

 Andy Andrist - Dumb It Down For The Masses Review

Tracey Ashley - Two First Names Review

 Maria Bamford- How To Win  Review

 Danny Bevins - A Different Kind of Bad Review

 Dylan Brody - Brevity  Review

 Dylan Brody - True Enough

  Dylan Brody - A Twist of the Wit  Review  Review 2

 Hannibal Buress - My Name Is Hannibal Review

  Brendon Burns - Pompously Lectures Americans Review

Lee Camp - Pepper Spray the Tears Away  Review

  Ryan Dalton - I m Married Let Me Tell You About It Review

 Chad Daniels - Busy Being Awesome Review

  Chad Daniels - You're The Best  Review

  Chad Daniels - Natural Selection   Review

 Jim David - Eat Here and Get Gas Review

 Jim David - Live From Jimville Review

  Mike DeStefano - OK Karma Review

  Will Durst - Elect to Laugh  Review

  Jake Flores - Humors  Review

  Dave Fulton - ... based on a true story  Review

Steve Gillespie - Alive On State  Review

  Eddie Gosling - Fresh Brewed Eddie  Review

 Dane Gould - Fun House Review

  JT. Habersaat & Others - Hostile Corporate Takeover  Review

  JT Habersaat - Misanthrope  Review

  Tim Harmston - The Most Bees Ever  Review

  Ray Harrington - The Worst Is Over   Review

  Ray Harrington - Overwhelmed  Review

David Heti - It Was OK Review

 Melinda Hill - The Accidental Bisexual  Review

 David Huntsberger - Humanitis  Brilliant!!!!!!!!!  Review

  David Huntsberger - Explosion Land  - #1 On our 2013 top 10 list Review

  Keith Lowell Jensen - Elf Orgy   Review

  Jackie Kashian - This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux  Review

  Jackie Kashian - Review

 Jonathan Katz - Caffeinated Review

  Robert Kelly - Live

Jamie Kilstein, Please Buy My Jokes Review

 Jamie Kilstein - Zombie Jesus Review

  Jamie Kilstein - Libel, Slander, & Sedition  Review  Review 2

 Matt Kirshen - I Guess We ll Never Know  Review

  Danny Lobell - Some Kind of Comedian Review

  Danny Lobell - The Nicest Boy in Barcelona  Review

  Mary Mack - Pig Woman  Review

  Chris Maddock - Point of Entry   Review

 Al Madrigal - Half Breed Review

  Mikey Manker - Voyageur  Review

  Marc Maron - Not Sold Out Review

 Marc Maron - Tickets Still Available Review

 Marc Maron - Final Engagement Review

  Dave Mordal - pronounced dav mor-dal  Review

 Dan Naturman - Gett Off My Property Review

 Chris Porter - Screaming From The Cosmos Review

  Greg Proops - Houston, We Have a Problem

 Greg Proops - Joke Book Review

  Adam Quesnell - Can We Afford So Much Despair?  Review

Tom Rhodes Hot Sweet Ass Review

 Tom Rhodes - Live in Paris Review

  Andy Ritchie - King Ding A Ling Review

  Take That, Read Dad - Jerry Rocha  Review

Bath Time With Tommy Ryman Review

  Rick Shapiro - Catalyst For Change Review

  Derek Sheen - Tiny Idiot  Review

  Derek Sheen - Disasturbation  Review


 Jimmy Shubert - Pandemonium  Review

 Jimmy Shubert - Animal Instincts Review

  Ryan Singer - Comedy Wonder Town Review

  Sid Singh - Amazing! (Probably)  Review

 Dwight Slade - Evil Monkey  Review

 Tim Slagle - Europa Review

  Evolution: The Best of Tim Slagle  Review

 Doug Stanhope - From Across the Street Review

  Geoff Tate - I Got Potential  Review

  Geoff Tate - Just Another Clown  Review

  Johnny Taylor - Tangled Up In Plaid Review

  John Tole - Reign In Laughs  Review

  The Sklar Brothers - Hendersons and Daughters Review

  Paul Varghese - Paul and Oates  Review

  Valley Meadows

  Dave Waite - Kaboom! Review

  Dave Williamson - Thicker Than Water  Review

  JJ Whitehead - Fool Disclosure  Review

  Alysia Wood - Princess  Review

  Glenn Wool - I'll Ask Her  Review

  Home of the Good Laughs - 12 different comics Review

  Various Artists - Comedy Juice All-Stars  Review

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