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Live Comedy - Mommy Queerest - Just For Laughs 2009 - Centaur Theatre

Mommy Queerest - Just For Laughs 2009 - Centaur Theatre
Catching a new one woman show on its third night is practically a guarantee that there will be glitches along the way. A great feature of going to a show at the comedy festival is that the audiences are forgiving if the comic is funny – if the comic is not funny and screws up then there will be blood on the stage. Fortunately for the audience and Judy Gold alike Judy Gold is a good comic and Mommy Queerest is a pleasant way to spend an evening.

My fifteen year old son and I settled into the Centaur Theatre’s comfortable environs at eight last night in a venue that looked to be filled to capacity. The word of mouth for a show only three days old has been surprising. The audience was treated to a pastiche of television theme song muzak while waiting for the show to start. The show started about five minutes behind schedule but it was worth the wait.

Judy Gold is a stage presence with a strong voice and slightly tense but not nervous energy when telling the story of her life. Any life well lived is art and Gold’s life has a wide ranging palate from which to tell her story. From a middle class Jewish upbringing in a predominantly Christian neighbourhood to her towering over others (she is 6’ 2” – 188 cm tall), learning to play clarinet, going to Rutgers, becoming a comic, falling in love with a beautiful girl and becoming a mom. It is a good story and is told in a good rhythm with a combination of stand-up, song and straightforward story telling.

The show is still new so a minor glitch between Judy Gold and the technicians running the screen that hangs over the stage showing moments from her life developed when Gold forgot a part of one of her stories. Once she got back on track, with a few funny comments to the audience and a little self deprecating humour, the rest of the evening moved on smoothly. Mommy Queerest runs a little long at an hour and thirty but it is very likely that the show will be tightened up over the next little while. Whether it is or not the show is entertaining and a diversion from the usual club fair at the Festival Just For Laughs.  

Denis Bernicky

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