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Stand-up DVD - Will Ferrell - You're Welcome America, A Final Night With George W Bush

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You’re Welcome America, A Final Night With George W. Bush
Will Ferrell
HBO 2009
90 minutes

I too misunderestimated George W. Bush: Who would have thunk he was bad enough a President to inspire Will Ferrell with 90 minutes of political stand-up comedy for A Final Night With George W. Bush DVD. Chances are the comedy on this DVD will soon be dated, some of it already is, but You’re Welcome America is a funny enough performance.

Will Ferrell is much better at being George W. Bush than Bush was at being President. Ferrell is also smart enough to know he could not get away with ninety minutes of political material. This means an early part of the show is biographical material, including a rather raunchy bit on a threesome Bush supposedly confessed to the Skull & Bones and another has the former President at is Crawford Texas ranch.

The bit on the 2000 election results is pretty decent. The take on the various members of Bush’s cabinet is okay. The Condoleeza Rice bit is very funny but runs too long. Ferrell adroitly skips 9/11 itself by obliquely referring to it with My Pet Goat. He very quickly moves on to Iraq and the infamous Mission Accomplished moment.

The oddest moments in Will Ferrell You’re Welcome America, A Final Night With George W. Bush is when the audience does not realize some of the material is a joke, such as the F France joke or the story about the commando monkeys. It is still frightening to realize most of the comedy in this show is historically factual.

The show does have a serious moment in the moment of silence for the losses in Iraq. It closes with a weak bit about FEMA’s Michael Brown, a decent get your Bush nickname bit, and a more serious-ish look at the Bush presidency.

Special features on Will Ferrell You’re Welcome America, A Final Night With George W Bush are a true or false quiz.. Also included is a Road to Broadway featurette and a digital copy.

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