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Comedy Reviews - CD - Rodney Carrington - Make It Christmas - Camouflage and Christmas Lights

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Make it Christmas
Rodney Carrington
Capitol Records 2009

If you can sing, you have a Christmas CD.  Comic and country music singer Rodney Carrington is now no exception. Make It Christmas is your standard collection of Xmas ditties though there are a couple of songs that stand out. The most notable is Camouflage and Christmas Lights, an original and very good song penned by Rodney Carrington. By the way, is it just me or does Carrington sound like Michael Buble?

Buyer beware; Amazon lists this CD as enhanced (as in more than just tunes): it isn’t.

Camouflage and Christmas Lights is what is going to put this Christmas CD on the charts. It is also the song that is now going to be part of the regular rotation when ‘tis the season. Camouflage and Christmas Lights is a letter from a dad and soldier on the front somewhere describing Christmas and imagining his family’s celebration. The song works because it is evocative (turkey dinner on paper plates, the sergeant bows his head, thank God it’s a silent night) and non political.

The other Christmas song penned by Rodney Carrington on Make It Christmas is the very upbeat The Presents Under the Tree (Better Be for Me) a Sinatra and big band style tune that puts a smile on your face.

The rest of the songs here are your usual fare with very generic orchestration by the Elevator Music Band.

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