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TV & sitcom DVDs - Ron James - The Ron James Show New Year's Eve Special 12-31-09

The Ron James Show New Year's Eve Special 12-31-09
The Ron James Show
New Year’s Eve Special
December 31st 2009 9 p.m.
60 minutes

On New Year’s Eve you can catch an hour long special episode of The Ron James Show. The show itself is quite fun but will never make up for past Ron James specials which one hour stand-up comedy. This episode follows the usual format: a bit of stand-up, live and pre-recorded sketches, Lil’ Ronnie cartoons. It also features a musical number. You can catch this New Year’s Eve special December 31st 2009 at 9 p.m. on the CBC

Overall this is a good show. Those who like the Lil’ Ronnie cartoons will be served with three of them. Most of the sketches are pretty good. The best is the Bethlehem Innkeeper bit which tells what happened to the man who told Mary and Joseph there was no room at the inn.

The lesser bit of sketch comedy in the Ron James Show New Year’s Eve Special is Aunt Vivian which clears its throat a lot and doesn’t do much more. A little macabre is the Franklin Expedition bit. The day after the party skit featuring Eric Peterson of Corner Gas is okay.

What really makes the show of course are the moments where James his observational and story telling stand-up comedy. There are a few such moments here and they are quite good.

The Ron James Show New Year’s Eve Special isn’t quite good enough to make you miss the seasonal family fight but it is fun enough.

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