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TV & sitcom DVDs - Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side Blu-ray

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Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side
Stewie Griffin, Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin
Created by Seth MacFarlane
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
54 minutes Fullscreen

I do not know enough about Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back to fully appreciate the Something, Something, Something Dark Side Family Guy Blu-ray but that does not stop this Seth MacFarlane cartoon from being fun to watch. The budget here is not going to break the bank but this Family Guy special does not suffer from that. It is harder to explain the fullscreen format.

Family Guy Something, Something, Something Dark Side stars Stewie as Darth Vader (typecasting, really). Other Family Guy characters include Chris Griffin as Luke Skywalker, Peter Griffin as Han Solo, Lois as Princess Lea. Meg Griffin has a minor and very weird cameo.

Joke wise, this Family Guy special episode is about as funny as your average episode. A few bits, like Chris’ Jedi training being linked to Rocky IV are beyond comprehension.

I especially liked the street hockey reference and the nod to Wile E. Coyote

Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side is fun enough.

Special features on this Famly Guy Blu-ray include a commentary track with Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, and others recorded at a very low volume; Family Guy Fact Ups which are kind of neat but you cannot easily switch from the Fact Up version to the standard version; Poster Art; Sneak Peak at Episode VI; Animatic scene-to-scene; and a digital copy.

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