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TV & sitcom DVDs - Little Britain USA - The Comedy Network begins Jan 20th

Little Britain USA
The Comedy Network
6 Episodes
Begins Wednesday January 20th
10 P.M.

I always say that much like Guinness British humour does not travel well. This was the case for the American version of Little Britain, Little Britain USA. The six-episode experiment on HBO was not renewed as the show got 10 times more viewers in the UK than it did in America. No amount of drugs could make this transplant take.The six episodes will air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on The Comedy Network beginning January 20th

The lack of stateside success for Little Britain is hardly surprising. This is a particularly weird sketch comedy show. Matt Lucas and David Walliams play some of the same characters as they did for the original UK version. Part of the setup is Lou and Andy (the guy who pretends he is paraplegic) are on vacation in the US. The show features other characters from the original, a few American equivalents, and a few new ones.

They unfortunately made sure to bring along a very cheap laugh track.

In the first episode, Carol Beer is now “working” as a receptionist in a Pennsylvania hospital and computer says no. New characters include grade schooler Ellie Grace and astronaut Bing Gordyn.

Also, Rosie O’Donnell drops in on Marjorie Dawes’ Fat fighters and a sheriff gets a boner showing off his guns. A grandmother gives her grandson a drug talk.

I think Little Britain overstayed its welcome after the first season. An American trip was not warranted. You can see your yourself Wednesdays at 10 on The Comedy Network starting January 20th.

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