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Stand-up DVD - Greg Behrendt - Greg Behrendt is That Guy From That Thing

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That Guy From That Thing
Greg Behrendt
Stand-up comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2009
56 minutes

Greg Behrendt co-writes books about relationships like He’s Just Not That Into You and It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken. He is also a good stand-up comic. His second stand-up comedy DVD, That Guy From That Thing, is pretty decent. Behrendt does a lot of adult audience relationship material but he also does more than that. This DVD features solid routines. Behrendt’s unusual pacing more akin to that of a public speaker means this DVD takes a little getting used to.

That Guy From That Thing opens weak with a shot airplane bit. Behrendt quickly puts it behind him with a solid routine about Criss Angel Mindfreak that includes the great line “Since when is magic so douchey?” The next bit is on sex. It is a bit long on setup but pretty decent. This somehow segues into a bit on Keebler’s Flipside cracker and how it is similar to a relationship.

The next routine on this stand-up comedy DVD is about a treadmill competition against the man Behrendt’s wife fantasizes about and has a “free pass” to. Behrendt supports this with some pretty good physical comedy. It is unfortunate it closes with a very long poop joke.

The material here is good but nothing special. Behrendt usually has a more personal touch to his stand-up.

Greg Behrendt Is That Guy From That Thing didn’t quite do it for me.

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