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TV & sitcom DVDs - Louis CK - Lucky Louie - The Comedy Network starting 03-03-10

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Lucky Louie
Louis C.K, Pamela Adlon, Laura Kightlinger, Jim Norton
Originally aired HBO 2006
The Comedy Networ
Wednesdays 10 P.M. 2010 starting March 3rd.

Lucky Louie was a short lived HBO situation comedy starring Lucky Louie. The sitcom aired for 13 episodes in 2006. The Comedy Network is going to air the series again starting Wednesday March 3rd 2010 at 10 P.M.. This is a fun, original show that is off the beaten track. It features very adult language and situations.

This Louie C.K. sitcom has a very odd look. Most situation comedy homes look real. Here, the rooms are flat and basic minimum like you would see in a short sketch or on The Honeymooners. C.K. plays a blue collar guy who works in a muffler shop. He has a young daughter, a wife, and the compulsory wacky friends and neighbors.

The pilot has Louie getting caught with his pants down by his wife and getting promised some sex. He also has an issue with the Black neighbor after his daughter rejects a Black Barbie at a birthday party. That part of the show doesn’t really play.

The show had potential. I am pretty sure all the crude guy talk doomed it, even as a cable situation comedy. A sitcom is there to entertain, not provoke or irritate. All the decent writing and acting in the world will not change that.

Lucky Louie airs Wednesdays at 10 P.M. starting March 3rd 2010 on The Comedy Network.

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