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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mike DeStefano - Ok Karma

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OK Karma
Mike DeStefano
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2010

OK Karma is OK. Comic Mike DeStefano has an edge to him that underlies pretty much all of the material on this stand-up comedy CD but you keep getting the impression he is holding back. OK Karma sounds like a collage of two or three shows giving it an unfocused quality to this CD that gets in the way. This is also true of the routines here.

DeStefano opens telling the audience it is going to get ugly but it doesn't really do so. He starts off confrontational, reminding the crowd they are so sad, "You don't even have a funny friend to hang out with. You have to pay strangers to fill you with happiness", but then mentions a few times they are a good crowd. MP3 at Amazon

The show starts with a bit on the Obama election, an audience of "professional Americans" in Lubbock, Texas, and what happens after. The bit about rich white kids playing Black is funny but doesn't bring anything new to the table.

Also on Mike DeStefano OK Karma are bits on the homeless, cab driver terrorists, and girls with bulimia. The comic also addresses people who get offended at a stand-up comedy show; the problem is nobody seems to have been offended so the rant comes out of nowhere and goes nowhere.

The best bit on this CD is Spiritual Handgun, a nihilistic bit on faith and believers. I just wish DeStefano had done the bit head on instead if zigging and zagging in and out of it.

Richard Lanoie

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