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Live Comedy - Tap Dogs - JUst For Laughs Montreal 2010

Tap Dogs - JUst For Laughs Montreal 2010
Tap Dogs Montreal Just For Laughs
Place des Arts
8 P.M. to July 31st for details

I was looking forward to Tap Dogs. I had heard so much about them. When I had the chance to go to the show I jumped on the occasion and was not disappointed! The opening number, where all you see are the tapping boots is amazing and fun. Another great moment is when they combine tap with basketball. Most of the numbers involve more than one member of the cast. When they all dance together, it's magic! The loud music, the louder tapping makes this show a dose free zone.
One of my idols growing up was Gene Kelly and I have to say that these guys, Sheldon Perry, Nathan Sheens, Anthony Locascio, Anthony J Russo, Dominic Mortezadeh and Montreal native Travis Knights are as mesmerising as he. They have so much charisma that they do not need to say one word. I was in the seventh row and when they looked at the audience, the joy they had to be together on that stage was evident and that made the show even more enjoyable.
Tap Dogs bring TAP to a new level, giving it a contemporary twist. The precision they are able to reach, the intricate steps of their routine and the speed at which they are capable to move their feet is astonishing. 
It was a full house at salle Maisonneuve. With the encore, it's a good 90 minute show with no intermission. I heard someone say on the way out "If I was 20 years younger I'd take tap lessons", and you knew who, in the subway, had gone to see them because their feet could not keep still!
Tap Dogs is a show I will not soon forget!

Renee Lanoie

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