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Live Comedy - Bill Burr - You People Are All the Same - Zoofest 2010 Montreal Just for Laughs

You People Are All the Same - Zoofest 2010 Montreal Just for Laughs
You People are All The Same
Bill Burr
Zoofest Just For Laughs 2010
To July 16th

They realy were hanging from the rafters at Theatre Ste. Catherine for Bill Burr You People Are All the Same. This excellent sixty minute one man show is part of the Zoofest portion of the Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival and you only have one more chance to catch Bill Burr. Zoofest is the off-Just For Laughs where edgier and more adventurous comics are given a space and a willing audience.

Bill Burr is a comic in his forties having a midlife crisis. Consequently he is looking at life with a jaundiced eye. This makes for very good stand-up comedy, especially since Burr does not have a preset set list so there is an unrehearsed immediacy to the show.

Burr is an observational and biographical comic with a bite. He shows how gay guys have ruined the steambath experience for everybody else. His rant on why "There is never a good reason to hit a woman" is a myth is funny as hell. If you disagree, you are certainly not going to enjoy his bit on how motherhood is NOT the most difficult job in the world.

Also excellent were his defense of Tiger Woods and how someone who has achieved what Woods has should be able to do whatever he pleases sexually. I hope this bit becomes the classic it should become.

Other very good bits where the one on how 20 to 40 are your prime years and the routine about the next end of the world and Jesus is not coming back.

Bill Burr is a show I wish I had seen earlier so you could have a better chance of seeing it at Zoofest 2010, part of the Montreal Just for Laughs festival.

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