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Comedy Reviews - CD - Sean Kent - Waiting For The Rapture

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Waiting For the Rapture
Sean Kent
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! 2011

Sean Kent may be Waiting For The Rapture but listeners do not wait for the laughs on his stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD. Kent gives an excellent performance from beginning to end. This is a CD that will always be funny. If you do believe in the Rapture you may find a couple of words objectionable (but then again you do not have a sense of humor so do not listen to comedy other than the Sunday sermon).

Included on our top ten comedy CD list for 2011

Kent starts out strong with a bit tailored to the Seattle WA audience. This gets the audience on board. The bit is also open enough you do not need to know anything about Seattle to enjoy it.

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Waiting For The Rapture is ascerbic observational and social commentary comedy.  The comic has enough talent to make a Wal Mart bit fresh. The rest of the CD is much more original. When was the last time you head a Dewey and card catalogue joke?

Sean Kent does a great job at ripping Anderson Cooper a new one while also commenting on society s general hypocrisy. The stand-up is especially funny when it comes to modern technology such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

A personal favorite on this stand-up comedy CD is the Sex Ed bit although the family vacation pics bit in Google It is also superb. Waiting For The Rapture and The Final Solution is where Kent takes on the right and gets especially dark and on point.

Kent ends with a very good sex bit. There is also a bonus track on recycling that is just as good as the rest of the CD.

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