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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mike Birbiglia - Sleepwalk With Me Live

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Sleepwalk With Me Live
Sleepwalk With Me
Mike Birbiglia
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2011

WOW!  There is nothing else appropriate for Mike Birbiglia Sleepwalk With me Live. This is a stand-up comedy MP3 and CD based on Birbiglia s one-man show. If you like long form stand-up this is an absolute must. It is also compulsory if you like intelligent, fairly clean, comedy with something to say.

Sleepwalk With Me is Mike Birbiglia s autobiographical show about his sleeping disorder. Through that story and its comic moments like coming in second in the Dustbuster Olympics Birbiglia also talks about bladder cancer, his parents, his first love, his early days as a comic, his unability to commit, his belief there is a jackal out to kill him in his sleep, and his becoming an adult. MP3 Album at Amazon

Birbiglia weaves an excellent and poignantly funny story. One of the many strengths of this stand-up comedy CD is how many tales are interwoven so elegantly and seamlessly including fly fishing in Alaska, dreaming he is being chased by Brad Pitt in The Fight Club, and encounter with a bear, the search for a cure and the inability to commit to that search, love, family, commitments, and his relationship with his dad.

I especially liked how Sleepwalk With Me uses a callback set up early on in the show to close it.

This is Birbiglia s best to date and definitely an album of the year.

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