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TV & sitcom DVDs - Louis CK - Louie - The Complete First Season

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Amazon page

Louie The Complete First Season
Louis C.K. Other comics
Aired FX 2010
13 Episodes 2 Discs
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Louis C.K. is the shark to his very own situation comedies. Lucky Louie (2006-07) lasted 13 episodes. Louie, the comic’s current and probably short lived sitcom features C.K. as a comic and divorced dad of two. The complete first season has 13 episodes on 2 double-sided discs. One side is DVD the other Blu-ray.

Louie is a mix of sitcom and related stand-up filmed at the Comedy Cellar. This is a very uneven show. A pretty good show like Poker and Divorce is bookended by two lame episodes, one is the pilot where Louie chaperones his kids’ field trip and the other has him going to the doctor (Ricky Gervais).

Perhaps what has some people interested in Louie is his use of other comics as themselves. The list includes Hannibal Buress, Todd Barry, Jim Norton, and Nick Di Paolo. It is hard to fathom what else can keep people watching Louie.

This sitcom does have a few good moments such as when C.K. is in a cop uniform and two kids try to rob the corner store he is in.

Aside from weak story lines and acting there is a flatness to the show that gets irritating after a while.

Special features on Louie The Complete First Season include some episode episode commentary tracks and deleted and extended scenes.

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