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Comedy Reviews - CD - Michael Ian Black - Very Famous

Amazon page
Amazon page
Very Famous
Michael Ian Black
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2011

Michael Ian Black begins two routines with “Strangers do not find me funny”. It is easy to see why after listening to his stand-up comedy CD. This is mostly banal generic material and the comic tends to stretch it out as much as possible. There are a couple of decent bits on Very Famous but that is about it. MP3 album at Amazon

After a rather original opening, Very Famous goes into a long airline joke. The first is set in the departure lounge and an example of why strangers do not find Black funny, the second is about boarding and making strange noises during the flight.

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

This is followed by another example of why strangers … and a bit about semen that is somewhat amusing in parts. The ten-minute rectal exam closer is nothing you have not heard before. Neither routine works and both sound totally out of place with the rest of the material here.

One of the good routines on this stand-up comedy CD is Skydiving. This is a long form story where Michael Ian Black shows he’s got the chops when he feels like it. There is nothing predictable or generic about this one.

Another is Disappointed in my Children, a story about his kids and Halloween.

Very Famous by Michael Ian Black is an unremarkable comedy CD.

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