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Articles - 6 Days To Air - The Making of South Park

6 Days To Air - The Making of South Park
6 Days To Air: The Making of South Park
Documentary by Arthur Bradford
The Comedy Network
Sunday October 9th 2011 10 p.m.
60 minutes

Contrary to what the right wing degenerates would like people to believe, South Park is not spawned by Satan in the seventh level of hell. In fact, this barrier breaking cartoon sitcom is created in a boring looking office in a boring looking office building. 6 Days To Air: The Making of South Park is a one hour documentary that goes behind the scenes as South Park episode is being created. It airs Sunday October 9th at 10 p.m. on The Comedy Network.

The first and most amazing thing this documentary reveals about South Park is it really is created in 6 days. That nobody involved with this documentary missed the biblical connection is mind-boggling.

The least interesting part of The Making of South Park is the scenes in the writers’ room with people tossing ideas at each other.

Fun is watching Parker and Stone doing voice work in the studio.

What should have been explored more is the wheeling and dealing that has to be done with Standards and Practices for the episode:  you can say “pussy” but then you can’t say “shit”

The most interesting scenes are in the animation department where everybody works on everything and the results, rough or not. Unfortunately, these are computer screen shots done over the animator’s shoulder so you do not really get the effect.

6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park director Arthur Bradford starts looking for stuff to talk about and show about halfway in his documentary. This is why you get the story of Trey Parker and Matt Stone (in a dress) high on acid at the Oscars.

You never really get a clear idea of what ended up in the episode the South Park people were working on but the process itself is fun to watch.

New South Park episodes start airing Wednesday October 5th at 10 p.m.

South Park - The Complete 14th Season:

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