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Comedy Reviews - CD - Damage Control Comedy - Christmas Is ... Cancelled

Available at Amazon
Available at Amazon

Christmas Is Cancelled
Damage Control Comedy
Sketch Comedy CD
Independent release 2011

Nobody does sketch comedy as well as the Damage Control Comedy group. These guys know how to write a solid skit and have the talent and the production values to deliver the goods. They almost never run a sketch too long. Their 2011 offering, Christmas Is Cancelled features 26 tracks and more ho ho hos than a dozen Santas at the Mustang Ranch. This is an excellent sketch comedy CD

The set up for Christmas Is Cancelled is you are listening to WSUK radio. This means Public Service Announcements, interviews, funny irreverent songs, holiday tips, and Christmas stories sort of.  Not all of these skits are great but there isn’t a bad one in the bunch.

Some of the really great comedy bits on this CD are Bipolar Express which is as scary as the real one and Not So Wonderful Life that turns the classic on its head.

The Holiday Tips are also very funny. My favorite is the first one: “Use a baby gate to keep the elderly in the same room. A yard stake and a long leash can be used for outdoor acivities.”  If it wasn’t so close to the truth Merry Militia would also be funny.

Holiday Job Interview 2011 is one of the best ones here. You’ll have to hear it for yourself.

If you are looking for a fun change from the syrupy feel good Christmas fare, Christmas Is Cancelled by the Damage Conrol Comedy group is a must. It also makes a great Xmas present.

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