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Comedy Movies - 30 Minutes Or Less

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30 Minutes Or Less
Jesse Eisenberg, Nick Swardson, Aziz Ansari
Directed by Ruben Fleischer
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011
83 minutes

30 Minutes Or Less is how much of this comedy is entertaining. You can skip the first fifty or so. It is also how much movie left after deleting the F-bombs. You know you are in trouble when the actors cannot convincingly portray slackers and dumb oafs. As a matter of fact, neither Jesse Eisenberg, Nick Swardson, Aziz Ansari, or Danny McBride can even convince the viewer they are real actors. This comedy DVD is a decent idea put in very wrong hands.

Loser Dwayne lives with The Major, his lottery winning dad. Dwayne decides to hire someone to kill his dad so he can inherit. To get the money for the hitman, he and his buddy Travis (Nick Swardson) strap a bomb to pizza delivery boy and slacker Nick (Eisenberbg) and force him to rob a bank. Nick asks his former pal Chet (the beyond awful Aziz Ansari) for help.

This comedy does have a couple of decent twists to it and gets really violent in the last third. The ending is disappointing.

The best thing about 30 Minutes Or Less is it is only 82 minutes long. You would be hard pressed to figure out the director also did Zombieland

Special features for this comedy are deleted scenes, outtakes, and Blowing Up With the Cast and Crew.

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