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Articles - I Just Want My Pants Back - Feb 3rd 10 p.m.

I Just Want My Pants Back - Feb 3rd 10 p.m.
I Just Want My Pants Back
The Comedy Network
Premieres Feb 3rd 10 p.m.

I Just Want My Pants Back could easily be titled I want my twenty-some minutes back. This lame MTV situation comedy premieres on The Comedy Network Feb 3rd at 10 and there are going to be 11 other shows. Here’s to the network zipping it asap.

This is a show about twenty-somethings who party and not much more. In the pilot the main character hooks up and she borrows his pants the morning after. The series is about the guy trying to find the girl who took his pants because she is the one.

Aside from having no real point, there are three different parties in the pilot alone, I Just Want My Pants Back suffers from just about everything including ill-defined characters.

It really does not help when two of the main characters, Stacey and Tina, are played by doppelganger actresses so you can’t figure out which is which –not that it really matters.

The only thing that could possibly save this bad sitcom is having the characters e-nun-ciate. This way you could understand more of the lame dialogue and make a drinking game out of it.

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