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Foreign Comedy - England - The Bed Sitting Room - MGM Limited Edition Collection

England - The Bed Sitting Room - MGM Limited Edition Collection

Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook
Directed by Richard Lester
Widescreen 1969
MGM 2012

The Bed Sitting Room was not a success when released in Britain, the one spot on the planet most able to appreciate its very dry and surrealist humor. Starring Goon Show’s Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan, Roy Kinnear, Peter Cook, and Dudley Moore, this is a comedy for fans of the very surreal. It was directed by Richard Lester (Help! A Hard Days’s Night, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum). This is the second Richard Lester comedy released as part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection of on demand titles. Also available in this series is How I Won the War with John Lennon.

Set three or for years after the … um … harrumph … thing, The Bed Sitting Room follows the twenty or so British survivors. The comedy is in the characters, the survival of things quite British like the BBC and the queen, and the bizarre effects the … big woosh …has had.

The narrative thread is tied to the pregnant Penelope and takes a while to emerge from this hodge-podge collection of short skits and gags. Her story ties into that of a man who is becoming a bed sitting room (a one-room apartment with shared bathroom), one who is going to become a parrot, and other strange characters.

The Bed Sitting Room either is or is not your cup of tea. The trailer gives a very good indication of what the movie is like. It was the first release in the British Film Institute Flipside series.

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