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Articles - Betty White's Off Their Rockers - Premieres April 4th 8:00 CTV TWO

Betty White's Off Their Rockers - Premieres April 4th 8:00 CTV TWO
Betty White’s Off Their Rockers
Premiers Wed. April 4th 8 p.m.

If you are old enough to know who Allan Funt was or Candid Camera, you are old enough to be a prankster on Betty White’s Off Their Rockers. In this half hour hidden camera gag show senior citizens aka golden agers aka old coots and cooties pull practical jokes on unsuspecting and often well-meaning youngsters. Off Their Rockers rocks! This funny shot begins April 4th at 8 on CTV Two and is followed by a new situation comedy titled Best Friends Forever.

Prank TV is nothing new. It is just wilder and funnier when it is old folks who do the pranking, especially when it involves modern variations on ye olde slipping on a banana peel joke. This show really works because a lot of the ideas are fresh, original, and play against and off what we think and expect from older folks.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers does things a little different. The pranks are only a minute long at most and you do not get the reveal where the people are told they were caught on hidden camera.

The pilot features a lady asking a guy in his thirties if he would like to join the mile high club with her, a “blind” guy tossing bird seed at two young women enjoying an ice cream, a lady holding balloons and lifting off, a woman asking a passer by to explain the sextext she got from her boyfriend (wait ‘til you year the expressions he’s come up with!)

Betty White introduces the segments and often uses that as an excuse to get herself some beefcake.

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