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TV & sitcom DVDs - American Dad Volume 7

American Dad Volume 7

Stan Smith, Francine Smith
19 episodes 3 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

American Dad Volume 7 features 19 episodes on three DVD. This animated situation comedy has always been uneven so even with the addition of a member to the smith family this set is no exception. For example the Halloween episode is beyond banal but the American Dad Christmas episode is one of the best and bloodiest seasonal cartoons in recent years. Of course, these are the uncensored, raunchier versions of the show.

The best episode is White Rice. Francine discovers her past as a stand-up comic and even gets her own sitcom.

Most of the shows are pretty decent or better. A notable exception is You Debt Your Life (DVD 2) where Roger moves out and is replaced with Andy Dick. Then again, anything with Andy Dick sucks. Each show features at least one particularly good one-liner. A personal favorite is when Francine looks at tickets for a show and says, “Oh, good, Richard Lewis is opening so we don’t have to be there on time.”

Notable episodes are I Am the Walrus where Stand and Steve fight for male supremacy of the house, Stan’s Food Restaurant, the opening two-parter where Hayley gets married,

Look for Wanda Sykes in Home Wrecker (DVD 3).

Special features for American Dad 7 include the usual Deleted Scenes and Commentary but also a feature on Patrick Stewart.

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