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Comedy Reviews - CD - Louis CK - Word - Live at Carnegie Hall $5 download

Word - Live at Carnegie Hall $5 download
Available at Artist Website

Louis C.K. self-released Word: Live at Carnegie Hall as an audio-only download on his site on May 11th 2012.  As with Live at the Beacon, this stand-up comedy mp3  is available to download for only $5.

This is an incredibly easy review to write.  If you’re a fan of C.K., get this.  You won’t regret it.  Now, that having been said, you should know that if you are a hardcore fan of C.K., then you’ve already heard pretty much every bit on this album.  C.K. does not try to hide that fact.  On his website, he explains that Word was recorded during a tour he was on in 2010.  Although the material from that tour had not previously been released on CD or DVD, most of it was used in the second season of his FX show Louie.  Some of the bits, such as the Schindler’s List bit, were also performed on his visits with some of the late night talk show hosts.  As long as you don’t go into this thinking you’re getting a brand new hour of material, you won’t be disappointed, because C.K. always delivers a great show.

The subject matter on this album is pretty much the routine topics for C.K. -- interactions with other people, his disdain for young people, being a father, and sex.  He, of course, has touched upon these topics on his other specials, but somehow C.K. still manages to keep everything feeling fresh and new by finding clever ways to approach the subject.

A couple of my favorite bits on the album include a bit about 20-year olds and how so many of them are upset with the world despite having contributed absolutely nothing to it, and a lengthy bit about a time that he thought he was going to die on a plane after the pilot decided to take off despite admittedly having a broken fuel gauge on the plane.

Critics of C.K. will say that, once again, he resorts to the lowest common denominator at times and delivers the bluest of sex and poop jokes.  That is true, he does.  But, you cannot deny that those jokes (when delivered by C.K.) are funny, despite being low-brow, and are surrounded by more thoughtful material.  C.K. can deliver low-brow with the high-brow, and switch back and forth between them effortlessly.

All in all, this comedy mp3 album is definitely worth owning.  True fans will have heard almost all of this material before, but having it together on this album is a great way to be able to relisten to it at will.  And, for $5, it really is a no-brainer.

Brett Watson

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